Hi! We are Doble Punch, a small indie developer team from south America.

We are introducing our first game MECHS V KAIJUS. This is our first released alpha.

Hope you enjoy it and please leave any comments you wish and help us to create a cool game.

In this game you take control of powerful Mechs and defend the human civilization from

falling on the clutches of the Kaiju Horde.

Let the games begin!!

Development log


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I just played this for a couple of hours. I got the huge creature (boss?) to spawn, but I could not beat it. The strategy I found best was walls as a last line of defense on the left, laser towers in the middle, three air-towsers in the middle was well, and some grinders where the enemies spawn (but I'm nor sure if they are really worth it). 

Is it possible to beat right now? What's strategy that works?

Looking forward to playing a more complete version, this looks really, really good! Contratulations!

when i open it is blank and its name is unity webgl player plz help!!! your game looks amazing though

Hey RavenOfWhat, did you manage to solve the issue? maybe re install unity plugin or try a different browser? Works great on Chrome. In any case in a couple of week we are lauching the public demo with the first 4 stages if you wanna came back later. 
Have a great day!

Really nice =) Good job !

Thanks a lot!!

MasterofRoflness plays our game!!