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THE FULL GAME IS ON STEAM: https://goo.gl/RytY6o 

This version is kinda old now, the game has improve alot. 

From the depths of the earth, the giant Kaiju horde is marching toward Pokyo City and you are the last line of defense!

Take control of the powerful battle mech Odin and command the forces of humanity against the relentless waves of monsters on Mechs v Kaijus an action-packed tower defense.

Use a combination of strategy and the brute force of the mechs to survive.

Upgrade your defenses, unlock new abilities, research new technologies and hire mercenaries to help you fight.

The best moments, though, are when you summon your defences from the skies. Time slows as you open the building menu, and each wall and turret slams into the ground instantly via a drop pod: there’s no faffing around with build times. Calling for a wall to arrive in just the right place at just the right time is damn satisfying .

Rock Paper Shotgun by Matt Cox 

Mechs V Kaijus impresses with its cool pixel art visuals and addictive hardcore tower defense gameplay. It’s a tough game that really makes you feel like you’re on the back foot from start to finish. 

Alpha Beta Gamer  by KJ Robertson

A nivel gameplay es un tower defense hecho y derecho, pero su principal atractivo pasa por la parte visual, muy inspirada en la animación japonesa de la segunda mitad de los 80. En especial en las creaciones de Akira Toriyama y hasta con algunos toques que remiten a Evangelion.   

PressOver por Juan Lomanto

As a last thing, we want you to know that if you want to support the game, we recently did a Patreon and a indiegogo campaing.

You can check it here: Patreon & IndieGoGo 

There are very cool things over there!

Also join in our Discord to chat about the game!
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Doble Punch Games
StatusIn development
Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars
(23 total ratings)
AuthorDoble Punch Games
GenreStrategy, Action
Tags16-bit, 2D, 8-Bit, Arcade, Boss battle, Difficult, Pixel Art, Real time strategy, Tower Defense
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse
AccessibilityOne button
LinksSteam, Homepage


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Hi The game is beautiful But why can't I get past the fourth game? I can not add the third player

Hi The game is beautiful But why can't I get past the fourth game? I can not add the third player

Episode One: First contact is on Steam Now. 

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This is fun! But is absolutly LOADED with bugs. The good news is, I made a list. *As everyone reading this cringes at once.*

Enamies CAN get stuck on terrain. Especially water.

The discriptions for some of the upgrades are not correct. (There are two grinders on the upgrade they BOTH  say mk3 grinder and have same discription.)

Shots seem to "pass through" enamies ocasionally after hitting and killing them. (I don't know if this is a graphical bug, or the actual projectile just isnt despawning.)

Some death animation for the enamies don't play, they just vanish.

The damage the enamies do must be on a scale of 1 to 10000000. Because for some reasons two of the same creatures can hit two different lvl 2 walls in the same wave. One can hardly scratch the energy shield and the other is TOTALLY DECIMATED IN TWO SECCONDS.   Point being I can't find any consistansies in enamy damage.

This information is in regards to DEMO 1.3

If ya read this then thanks! And good luck ironing bugs.

Thanks Zypher! yes... this demo is one year old.
The game is much, much better now.  A new updated l version will be updated in a couple of weeks. The game is on steam now. 

Many many thanks!

Lovely graphics, gameplay really not for me but great for what it is! My only gripe is some of the English, especially in the tutorial is pretty bad, I'm happy to proof read any text you have for grammar and whatnot :)

Thanks! yes... this demo is one year old. The game is much, much better now. A new updated and final version will be updated in a couple of weeks. The game is on steam now. 

Many many thanks!

So I was first introduced to this game from my youtube friend Directionally Challenged and finally decided to try it out for myself. I gotta say for a tower defense game it's awesome! It has more to offer and I'm loving the upgrades that you get. The pixel art and story line for what I've seen so far is amazing. I went ahead and bought it in early access on Steam. I'm looking forward to seeing where this game goes from here on. 

I made a video on the first map and will def. be doing the later levels. ^^

Hi there, I enjoyed playing your demo very much, even though the most that I can play is Episode 1 of the Sinkhole site :)

For some reason, I'm not able to click the continue button after successfully completing the 1st episode for the Sinkhole site, and end up having to close the game completely in order to play again :( (the good thing about the demo is that it still retains the memory of the total amount of money you have, after adding in the spoils from the first episode for the Sinkhole site, thus allowing you to purchase upgrades for your mech and items from the tech tree)

Also, in relation to the above point, it seems that upgrades purchased for the mercenaries don't seem to remain after I close the game completely, and the prices for upgrading the mech do not decrease after each purchase; rather, the prices stay the same :/

The Space bar does not bring up the Defense Menu in this update, and despite buying the tanks, they don't show up the defense menu during the first fight (first episode of Sinkhole site) :(

I found this demo to be fun overall, and look forward to helping you test out your future patches :)

Hey! Hobcramwork, the continue click is fixed and will be aviable on the next update. But you can click it still if look with the mouse in some parts of the button. We have a overlaying issue there. 

weare working on this mercenaries issue!

The first mission you can only use the missiles, not the tanks, drones and freeze ray. 

Space bar shorcut is very complicated, im triying very hard to do this but everytime something broke in some place.. lolz. 

Thank you so much for the feedback, we really need some good beta testers! hehe. there will be a finnal demo, in 2 weeks, follow us to know when is up!! Cheers!

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That's good to know, and yes, thanks to your followers on the Discord channel, I was able to proceed to the next level by clicking around the right side border of the Okay/Continue button :)

Great to hear! It's about time we can upgrade the mercenaries to actually feel powerful :p

That would be the Air Strike, yes? It took me a while to figure out how to use it, even with it's inclusion in the tutorial :p

Take your time; this sort of thing happens more often than you think :p

I would love to help you guys out with testing your game, even though I'm still stuck at the 3rd site; man, those flying monsters are hard to beat when they next appear in the same level :o :(

Anyhow, I've posted up your reply on your Discord channel, and while you're at it, you might want to edit that Patreon link (it leads to DoublePunchGames :p) you had put up on this page, as it doesn't lead to the real deal, which is this one :) : https://www.patreon.com/DoblePunchGames


Hey, thanks for the Patreon link. 2,3 weeks and we will have the finnal demo to try before the release.

Noted; I'm currently busy with work, and I'm sure the game will do well :)

Ever time i try to install the game it dose not work. pls help

Hey TheBubbleMan3 ! You dont need to install the game, just unzip all the files and run the exe. A unity pop up with the  settings should appear, and click Play!

Let me know if this help you! share a screenshot of this install window plz. 

(1 edit)

A. Don't know if it exists and I'm just missing it but if not, perhaps there should be a future update that allows you to skip previously viewed scenes to get back into the game faster (If you fail a mission it would allow you to get back to the defending part right away instead of having to click through the dialogue again)

B. On M3:  Pokyo's Limits, one suggestion I have is to make the interval between the later waves longer since it can not only become very hard to manage all the enemies but it can also cause a ton of enemies to gather on screen (If you're unable to kill them fast enough) resulting in a drop in performance of the game

Hey Mike! Yeah, in the next demo and finnal game you will be able to skip the cinematics with Escape key!

Thanks for the feedback, we are doing some balance of the game every day, we will be reviewing M3! 

(1 edit)

I keep clicking "Install" but it seems to fail and never actually install.  Any ideas? 

Windows 10, using the Itch client, fwiw.

Hey Squirrelnaut ! You dont need to install the game, just unzip all the files and run the exe. A unity pop up with the  settings should appear, and click Play!
Let me know if this help you!

ACTUALLY, if he is using the Itch app then this can be caused by another issue.

  Avast antivirus WILL prevent itch from installing anything, including itself. Unless you make exeptions for the Itch.exe in avast. (This doesn't mean Avast is bad or malware, it's just doing it's job and preventing things that arent explicitly permited from changing files.)

BaronVonGames Plays Mechs V Kaijus! 

Deleted 3 years ago

Thanks JG!

The artwork is awesome, but I don't love the concept of mechs that can't move.


Hey Daniel, thanks! What happens is that it is our first game and we are amateur. 

But if we can do Mechs V Kaijus 2, one of the innavations will be that the mechs can move around the battlefield!

Nacho of Double Punch Games.

Well it's awesome work for your first game, I hope the advice works for your next project.


Hey Daniel, thanks! What happens is that it is our first game and we are amateur. 

But if we can do Mechs V Kaijus 2, one of the innavations will be that the mechs can move around the battlefield!

Nacho of Double Punch Games.

excelente gameeeee! Very addictive

(5 edits)

really good game!

1 bugs:

2:going into your mech upgrade screen and hitting the speed upgrade will write over the previous text

spelling errors

during the tutorial Defenses are spelt wrong (two f's)

wait im confused. is it Pokio or Pokyo? the term seems to be used interchangably.

Pokio Housholds typo: figth instead of fight

When selecting episode 2/3, coming was spelt with two m's.

EDIT: for some reason now my allies arent helping. (a restart fixed that)

and my upgrades, gold and tech wasnt saved.


airstrike should be slightly stronger.

maybe the tanks spawn automatically from the wall and push forward? If you do do that, maybe make more tanks than right now, as the tanks die really quickly.

Hey BORKNET! Thanks for the feedback!  What version are you playing with? (zip name)
If you want to give us more feedback or chat, you can do it in our discord or social networks. 

We will be happy to hear  from you here:


I write down these spelling mistakes! hehe, we are from Uruguay,  English is not our lenguage, so we thank you for taking the time to write to us.
PS:  there are 3 upgrades of the missiles in the full game! ;)

Nacho  from Doble Punch

Amazing game!! Totally recomend it! Cant wait for the full version!!!


muy muy buenooo. Adiccion total


excelente juego, lo recomiendo 100%.


Super addicting. Airstrike is awesome. Wrote a review about your game for our fans!


AWESOME!!! Thank you very much for the note Roy! Soon we are going to republish it on our facebook and web!
If you want to leave us feedback on the game you can do it on our fb or with me directly! We would love to hear first hand what you think, we are still doing a lot of balance in the levels.   

Nacho Mancebo.

Thanks. Keep me updated when you update your links and I'll change them on the review! Looking forward to your update!


Awesome tower defense. Great mechanics that make it hardcore and nicely challenging!


Excelente juego!!, muy dinámico y bien logrado!!. Cuesta aparte agarrarle la mano.


Wonderfull!! So much fun 


Wonderfull!! So much funziona.. 


Best stragegy game ever!! WTF!! Coooooolll!!


cool tower defense game. It took me a moment to figure out how to use the air strike because, i'm a dummy hahaha


ha ha ha, if we saw the video! We are very happy with your gameplay, we hope to see more videos from the other battles!


So I was pretty unsure as to what to expect out of this, but after the first level I was hooked. The gameplay is fast and frantic, the towers feel like there is some real strategy and impact to them and the music and art are both just downright awesome. Impressive work! Though there are a considerable number of typos throughout.


Hey CoalFire! Thanks so much for playing  our game!!!
We were very happy watching you play the game and having fun!

We also paid close attention to your gameplay and tomorrow  we are going to start fixing all the typos that you found! hehe! You were right: we are from Uruguay and english is not our first lenguage! We are working on it! 

We hope we publish the game in March  on Steam!

Cheers, Saludos!